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W3MWhat we do...


We specialize in creating easy to use, intuitive web applications using responsive design frameworks to support desktops, tablets and smartphones.

Mobile Apps

Mobile web, hybrid, or fully native iOS and Android apps – we create mobile solutions. We can find the optimal solution to meet any clients’ needs.

Cloud Solutions

W3M specializes in using cloud technologies to maximize our clients’ ability to scale their projects at the best price point possible.

Team Augmentation

When you need to grow your team immediately, we have the right people with the right skills at great rates for both short and long-term needs.

Latest Techniques

We use the latest techniques and frameworks to assure maximum compatibility with the best user experience.


Evaluate current technology, plan an MVP, lead a project, find an interim CTO, or bring in a tiger team to turn around a disaster – W3M can help.


About W3M

We provide amazing developers at great rates!  W3M primarily specializes in creating SaaS based solutions for our clients, with a focus on frequent communication and steb-by-step partnership with our clients.

W3M Advantage

1) We code sooner: There are many advantages to choosing W3M for all of your developmental needs. We start to code sooner by optimizing the time on requirements definitions.  Most other companies spend far too much time up front trying to justify the scope of the project, and addressing the inevitable future scope changes.  Don’t waste time defining the box when you could be making it. We’ve been working in software development long enough to realize that no matter how well you define the project, it will change and is expected to do so – that’s a good thing!
2) Dedicated PM: A local project manager is assigned to your project and they are there to directly engage with you.
3) Frequent Communications: We operate on weekly sprints and with weekly updates sent to clients, allowing for easily changing direction as needed.  We also make sure communication channels are open at all times.
4) Costs: No need to deal with HR issues or costs associated with maintaining employees, we handle all of it.  We also have amazing rates for some of the best developers out there.

Web Apps

We specialize in creating easy to use, intuitive web applications using responsive designed frameworks to support desktop, tablet and smart phones.


W3M has full stack developers specializing in HTML5, CSS 3, Javascript, Node.js, Bootstrap, JQuery, AngularJS, as well as Microsoft .NET, ASP.NET, C#, MVC, Web API, , LINQ, MVVM, XAML and more. We also work with database technologies including MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL, NoSQL solutions, Mongo, HANA, Hadoop and more.

Mobile Apps

From mobile web or hybrid applications to fully native iOS and Android apps, we create mobile solutions for responsive designed web sites using frameworks like Bootstrap to native applications developed using Cordova or Xamarin.  We select the optimal solution for our clients to meet their needs, on time and within budget.

Cloud Solutions

We specialize in using cloud solutions to maximize our clients ability to scale their projects at the best price point possible.  We have implemented solutions using Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, RackSpace along with other cloud providers.  When it comes to an optimized backend to support your project we can work with dedicated servers to the most globally scalable solutions in the world – including Virtual Servers, CDN, Auto Scaling, Load Balancing, Object Storage, File Storage, Relational, NoSQL, Caching, eMail solutions, VPN, DNS and more.

Team Augmentation

When you need to grow your team with talented developers immediately, we have the right people with the right skills at great rates for either short term or long term support.  From additional developers to expand your team for that special project to full virtual development teams – the teams can expand and contract based on your needs and there are never any employee related issues to deal with.


Whatever your company needs are – having current technology evaluated, plannning an MVP, leading a technical project, providing an interim CTO, assessing ongoing projects or bringing in a crack team to stop a disaster before it happens – we can help.

Experience Matters

Man hours from last year

27914 Full Stack
2032 UI/UX
1193 Android
1021 IOS

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